At Phil's Auto Body Repairs we repair vehicles for a whole range of established companies. With our many years of experience we have gained the trust and loyalty of our customers. We understand that fleet services have their different requirements and we are happy to adapt on price and continue to produce the highest quality - as always. In some cases we have had some companies come to us after using cheaper alternatives but found that the standards just weren't there! We have experienced this time after time. Once repaired with us our customers get the finished result they require and they will continue to come back to Phil's Auto Body Repairs time after time. We take great pride in this!

Range Rover Evoque

This company are a regular customer of ours. .


Jaguar Type R

Bonnet re-spray...


Aston Martin

We are trusted with the most prestigious cars....


Range Rover Sport

We strip these cars down & carry out complicated repairs on these vehicles.